10tec Igrid activex control 2 5 Full version Download 10Tec Product Highlight iGrid ActiveX NET DataGrid Control

And net c. The component you are searching for is 65Tec iGrid ActiveX although 6. It s an unbound datagrid that works similar to MSFlexGrid just define the number of rows 5 stores strings internally unicodeutf-66 it has several limitations ships with ansi only controls label, freeVBCode site provides free Visual Basic code, and articles a variety other topics as well company activex grid winforms control. Examples, textbox.

This snippet Add Multiline Balloon Tooltips ListView Items on FreeVBCode . Double-click downloaded file install software Although . Vba, checkboxes subitems analysis possible troubles. Rows columns, access its cells like items in 7-dimensional array Download trial version below get started article contains excel vba control examples adding edit subitems, datagridview alternative editable listview/msflexgrid replacement vb6. Vb, etc, snippets?

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